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Mouth guards should be considered an essential piece of equipment for those who play contact sports. These devices are effective for preventing damage to the teeth and mouth. Even just one injury can produce severe oral consequences. This can often be prevented by wearing a custom-made mouth guard from Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates in Centerville.

Dental Mouthguard in Centreville

At Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S & Associates, we take pride in providing our patients with top-quality, custom-made mouth guards. This allows for greater comfort and protection. Our mouth guards are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable.

We provide mouth guards for both children and adults. Some of the issues that can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard include:

  • Chipped, broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Jawbone damage
  • Concussions
  • Oral lacerations

During your first visit, we 'll take impressions of your teeth. We'll then send your impressions to a dental laboratory where your mouth guard will be created. Once it is ready, you will come back for your second visit, and we'll make the fit is perfect and comfortable.

Our team also provides night guards for our patients who suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a common condition which causes a patient to clench and grind their teeth while they are asleep. Bruxism can lead to worn teeth, jaw damage, teeth fractures, headaches, jaw pain and other oral injuries. By wearing a night guard while you sleep, these problems can be largely prevented.

Wearing a well-fitted, high-quality mouth guard can help prevent pain and injury. We encourage all our patients who participate in contact activities or who clench and grind their teeth during sleep to ask us about our custom-made mouth guards.

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Sharon M.

Dr. Skinner and his assistant are excellent! I have been going to him for over 15 years and i wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are professional and personable. They always explain everything before they start and have modern equipment. The hygienists and staff have been wonderful also. A great place!

Sarah D.

I won't go anywhere else! BREE is my absolute favorite hygienist and is so gentle and likeable! Dr. Ossakow is just the same and been very helpful over the 6 years I've been a patient. A gentle hygienist/ dentist can be hard to find and they are the best!

Danielle T.

I love Dr. Skinner and Bre my hygienist! Laid back, impeccably clean and super friendly. Great front desk staff as well. He's been my dentist now for over 8 years and even if we move we'll be coming to Dr. Skinner.
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For the past 14 years, Dr. Kevin Skinner, along with his team, has collectively worked toward the common goal of making his patients feel comfortable and confident in the care they receive.

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