Stop Hurting Your Gums in Centreville, VA

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You know you’re not doing your gums any good when you see them swollen, red, and angry. It is either you miss to brush, floss, rinse in a day, or you unconsciously did certain things that triggered the inflammation. Whatever it is, we at Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates, P.C. are here to help everyone take care of their gums.

Oral Checkup

Ditch Unhealthy Habits!

The following are the day-to-day habits that are ruinous to gum health. Since gum disease can affect anyone in your family, including the youngsters and oldies, we recommend staying away from these practices.

Not flossing the teeth

In keeping the health of the teeth and gums, consistency is the key. Unfortunately, many people are guilty of skipping the floss. Some find it inconvenient to do so while others merely forget flossing their teeth regularly. However, keep in mind that floss is one of the most powerful tools to combat periodontal disease.

Sharing toothbrushes

Gum disease arises due to bacteria. It can mushroom from person to person by sharing toothbrushes and any other oral devices. If you notice, periodontal complications easily spread among families because they are more likely to share certain things inside their home like food for instance. Visit the dentist to have your overall oral health checked. Once diagnosed with gum disease, consider separating your utensils or toothbrush for preventive measures.

Foods That Are Hurting Your Gums

Aside from unhealthy habits, the person must see to it that they are feeding their gums well. Take a look at these indulgences that everyone should avoid to halt the rise of gum issues.

Sports Drinks

You can be a fan of Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and any other basketball players out there. But there is no way for you to patronize their favorite sports drinks! The said beverage is harmful to overall oral health. It can cause enamel erosion or tooth decay since it contains enormous sugar and acids content.

Gummy Bears

We understand. Munching those soft, fluffy candies are very addicting. But take note, gummy bears are made from pure sugar. With that said, eating them can threaten both the teeth and gums.

Know Where To Go!

Bleeding gums, bad breath, loosened teeth – these are some of the symptoms of gum disease to watch out for. Upon experiencing any of the conditions mentioned, talk to us at Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates, P.C. right away. We have plenty of Gum Disease Treatment to offer – starting from the standard scaling and root planing procedure up to bone grafting.

Do you suffer from gum disease? Let us at Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates, P.C. help you! Avail of our Gum Disease Treatment in Centreville, VA. We are located at 5651 Stone Road, Centreville, VA 20120.