Invisalign Hacks for a Smoother Orthodontic Experience in Centreville, VA

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No dental treatment is perfect. Along the way, patients may encounter problems or challenges – it might be during the recovery period or in the midst of the procedure itself. Same goes with Invisalign. Patients may need to go through certain struggles while wearing the aligner despite it being popularly recognized as the most convenient teeth straightening device. The reason why we at Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates, P.C. listed down these tips and tricks is to help patients embrace a pleasant experience with Invisalign. If you are already wearing the oral device, read these points below!


Hacks For Invisalign Wearers

Invest in a removal tool

Wearers may need to take out the appliance from their mouths several times a day. They need to detach the aligner when eating, cleaning their teeth, or drinking pigmented beverages. Believe us; you probably do not want your newly manicured nails to get messy. We recommend the use of the Invisalign tray removal tool.

Do not throw away your old set of clear aligners

The dentist requires patients to switch the aligner every two weeks. The previous tray may not be useful anymore; but as much as possible, try to keep it in case the current device breaks. You can use the former aligner while waiting for the replacement.

Buff those rough edges

Like traditional braces, scraping the gums, cheeks, and tongue is also possible with Invisalign aligner. The tray has sharp edges that when touched by the soft tissues may be painful. To counter the issue, smoothen the clear aligner using a fine grit nail buffer.

Make it a priority to wear the aligner nearly 24/7

Do you want to hasten your orthodontic treatment time with Invisalign? Wear aligners religiously. The recommended number of hours for patients to wear the device is 20 to 22. Nevertheless, if a person is not busy brushing or eating, the tray should remain in his or her mouth.

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