Dental Implants in Centreville, VA: Tips on How to Prepare

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After knowing that the placement for dental implants involves a surgical procedure, a patient may need to prepare a lot of things. It goes especially to those patients who are getting their very first implants. It is normal for a person to feel nervous or fearful about any dental procedure. But hopefully, this would not get in the way of the restoration procedure.

At Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates, P.C., not only are we ready to help patients in getting their smile’s second chance with dental implants, but we also are willing to help them plan! Nervousness and even fear about the procedure can be eliminated if the patient comes fully prepared. With that in mind, here are some tips!

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Preparing for a Dental Implant Procedure

  • Make sure to prepare both dental and medical records. It is for the dentist to properly evaluate the things to do and avoid to make the experience more pleasant and safe.
  • Ask the dentist all the questions in mind to feel more at ease. Since it is possible for a person to forget something if caught off-guard, try to write a list of questions beforehand.
  • The dental professional may prescribe medications that should be taken prior and after the appointment. It is usually advised to someone with a weak immune system to avoid the risk of infections.
  • Arrange time off from work or school to avoid any unnecessary problems.
  • Patients are required to get a lot of rest for recovery. It is best to make preparation beforehand by stocking soft foods and over the counter pain medications.
  • Depending on the recommendation of the dentist, take note if there is an instruction of fasting. It is possible for patients who will receive general anesthetics during the procedure.
  • Ask a friend or a family member’s help for transportation. Since the patient would be under anesthetics, having someone to drive home is best.
  • As much as possible ask someone else to take care of children or important chores to get the needed rest.
  • Consider professional teeth cleaning before the placement of dental implants.
  • It is possible that there are records that need to be filled, so it is best to arrive ahead of the scheduled appointment.
  • If the patient is feeling under the weather, it is best to postpone the appointment to avoid any possible complications.

With all these, patients are sure to feel ready and at ease for their dental implant procedure!

Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about Dental Implants in Centreville, VA, or to schedule your appointment with Skinner & Ossakow D.D.S. and Associates, P.C.!